About Fsgcommunicationsltd

FSG Communications Ltd remains a small publishing company, dedicated to healthcare publishing and continuing professional development in Africa. Africa Health is the principle output of FSG Communications Ltd a company founded in 1985.

It provided for a multiple offering overall the career. FSG communications has an evolving portfolio of peer- reviewed journals, participating discoveries from exploration communities in wisdom, technology, engineering, and drug. We made high quality exploration open to everyone who demanded to pierce it – and in making the open access model sustainable, we changed the world of academic publishing.

We're committed to continual invention in exploration publishing to more support the requirements of our communities, icing the integrity of the exploration we publish and backing the benefits of open exploration for all.


The African Journal of Diabetes Medicine

The African Journal of Diabetes Medicine is a Bi-Annual Journal which publishes articles on all aspects of diabetes medicine and practice, from all health professionals, medical and non-medical. The philosophy of the journal is to be both an outlet for original research, as well as a forum for educational review articles. Above all, we want African Journal of Diabetes Medicine to be practical and relevant to health professionals.

The African Journal of Respiratory Medicine

The journal aims to publish the reliable source of respiratory research information on discoveries and current developments as research papers, reviews, technical articles, case reports, short communications, etc.The journal mainly focuses on human pulmonary and respiratory health. Focus topics include the lungs, respiration (oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange), respiratory diseases, epidemiology, treatments, recent advances, and therapeutic interventions.